lockdown Part 2.

Dear our incredible clients!


We are so excited to be able to reopen on Friday the 15th of October. This 2nd lockdown has been so tough on everyone and we have really felt its effects as a small business! So we want to say a huge thank you for all your support, you ladies mean the absolute world to us! 

When we reopen there will be a few big changes to ensure the safety of our clients and the team!

  • We will NOT discriminate against those that have, will not, or cannot get vaccinated, unless government required. Our salon is a pro vaccination salon, however, one team member has not yet been vaccinated due to medical reasons. If this is a concern to you please call our salon.

  • Please avoid talk of  vaccination opinions and lockdown politics in order to keep the others in the salon feeling comfortable, but please tell us all the fun things you got up to over the lockdown period! WE HAVE MISSED YOU ALL!

  • Our salon as currently 5litres of hand soap, 5litres+ of hand sanitiser, and 5litres+ of hospital grade disinfectant ready to use to ensure we are cleaner than the hospitals!

  • Masks will be work by ALL staff and by clientele with masks being supplied for free if  any of you forget.

  • Our salon is "Appointment ONLY" salon, this means to have an appointment with us we will have everyone's contact details and should someone un-knowingly enter the salon with COVID-19 we will be able to contact every relevant client within minutes of finding out. 

  • We will be implementing a strict "no extra people" policy so no one but those with appointments can enter, unfortunately this does include children for the time being.

  • Our salon is legally allowed to have 5 clients at a time, although we will ONLY be having a max of 3 clients in the salon at a time.

  • We have the CBR Check In QRCode throughout the salon to ensure everyone is checked in properly.

  • There will also be breaks in between appointments to ensure time for sanitising.

  • Disposable products will also be used where possible and 90%+ Isopropyl used to clean other service equipment.

We are also keeping up to date with ACT health guidelines and Covid-19 updates and will try our absolute best to keep you all up to date and incredibly safe. Your health and safety is of course our priority, not only when it comes to lashes, but also this pandemic. 

Unfortunately due the large amount of  last minute cancellations of those going into isolation and after lockdown affecting our small business so much we are unable to refund/reschedule deposits for cancellations within 24hours of your appointment. This is due to the deposit required to go to staff as they still need to earn their wage for your appointment time period and not being able to fill appointments with such short notice. We absolutely hate charging this, so please, if you are feeling unwell give us more than 24hours notice. We apologise for the big inconvenience.

Lastly, I also want to offer our time for anyone that needs a chat or a bit of support. Capital Lashes is so so lucky to have such a beautiful community and family surrounding it and we are always here to help any of you out with whatever you need.

HOW TO Support US:
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  • Tag us in your posts (especially those with your lashes, brows, or dogs in them)!

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  • Tell a friend about us!


Please stay safe, stay home, stay strong. 

It isn't over yet.

Let's get our Canberra community to band together and get through this safely and quickly.

Please stay in touch with your friends and family, keep checking in on them.

Give support where you can, and ask for support when you need it.

We are also always here for you, just a message away!

Love & Lashes,

The Capital Lashes Team

Maddy, Ana, and Rachel



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