lockdown Part 2.

Dear our incredible clients!


It is lockdown time again until the 2nd of September, however, could be extended further.

Unfortunately, this means all appointments must be postponed to a future date. PLEASE DON'T CANCEL YOUR APPOINTMENTS (so you don't lose your deposit and we can keep track of who needs to be rescheduled!).  Once we are able to reopen, we will contact all clients personally and in chronological order based on when you were next meant to have an appointment and re-book you in for a time and date that suits you!



If you have an appointment booked with us coming up, we are keeping it on the system - DO NOT CANCEL YOUR APPOINTMENTS as this will remove your deposit. Instead, once lockdown is lifted we will contact you to reschedule it!

In the meantime, please ignore any text or email reminders.

Whilst in lockdown.

Lash Extension Clients

DO NOT try and remove your lashes at home. 

There are heaps of dangerous recommendations on how to remove your lashes at home on the internet - the most dangerous being to coat them in oils. This not only DOES NOT WORK (as oil will never erode professional grade adhesive in a few minutes or even a day) but it also creates an insanely high risk of eye infections and you will most likely get it inside your eyes, not just in the lash line, making it horrible to get it out. So, please save yourself some oily disappointment and don't even attempt it.

It also goes without saying to not rip them out!  So, as lockdown continues and your lashes start to get sparse, PLEASE JUST COAT THEM IN MASCARA (usually not recommended but these are DESPERATE times ladies!!!!). Mascara will blend your extensions into your natural lashes AND start the eroding process so that the rest of your extensions will start to fall off damage-free over a week or two. I recommend to start using mascara as soon as your lashes start looking sparse.

If you would like, you may also jump onto our online shop and purchase Eyenvy.  It's the #1 lash growth serum in the world and we love it.   Eyenvy is great for lengthening, strengthening, and creating more volume of healthy lashes whilst in lockdown and also can still be applied whilst having extensions on once lockdown ends! We are still sending out orders and with free shipping!

Lash Lift Clients

Your lockdown plan is simple! Up that Ellexplex serum! (The black bottle with the gold lid Ana recommended to you at the end of your appointment!). It is important we keep those lash hairs hydrated and growing out nicely instead of wildly and that they are ready to go for your next lash lift. As you approach your 6-10 weeks post lash lift we recommend increasing your Elleeplex to at night AND in the morning! Then once lockdown is over you will be good to go for your next appointment with us!

If you are running low on your Elleplex bottles we have made them available for repurchase on our website with free shipping.

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Lastly, I want to say a huge thank you for the already dozens of support-filled messages! You ladies mean the world us and being such a small business is not an easy task in a pandemic.


Please stay safe, stay home, stay strong. 

Let's get our Canberra community to band together and get through this safely and quickly.

Please stay in touch with your friends and family, keep checking in on them.

Give support where you can, and ask for support when you need it.

We are also always here for you, just a message away!

Love & Lashes,

The Capital Lashes Team

Maddy, Ana, and Rachel



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