Welcoming our newest lash tech Maddy to our Capital Lashes Family.

Maddy has been training since June 2021 and is now ready and super excited to take on new clients!

Maddy has learnt to style sets to suit each individual clients eyes and desired look, weight them correctly for sustainable wear, and is now focusing on developing speed.

Rachel (Owner) has been training her in her techniques and methodology and is still always overseeing her and ensuring each lash set lives up to the Capital Lashes name in terms of artistry and lash health and sustainability! However, everyone starts somewhere and we are so proud of Maddy's skills which are improving by the day!

Maddy is currently on a cheaper rate as she is still learning and developing her speed. Jump into our booking system to see her prices, availabilities, and to book in.

A huge thank you from all of us, especially Rachel for supporting her dream of having the best salon in Canberra to go for gorgeous, healthy, and sustainable lashes, and taking another step with our beautiful new team member! 

Maddy's Work.

New junior lash tech.