Pre & After Care.

Lash Extensions

Pre-Appointment Care: Please ensure you are make-up free and have taken your contact lenses out if you have any (If you do not, this time will be taken out of your appointment and not our next clients.). It is preferred you do not have coffee as this can cause lashes to flutter. You may also prefer to shower beforehand as you cannot get lashes steamy for 12 hours after application, therefore have a hot shower while you can.

​After Care:

  • Book your infills! We typically 

  • Cleansing lashes with foaming/soapy lash cleanser each day is the best way to make your lashes last longer. Lash cleanser is available in the salon.

  • Brush your lashes at least twice a day. You are given two lash brushes at every appointment.

  • You cannot get the lashes steamy 12 hours after application. This includes SHOWERS and saunas. Excessive team in general will loosen the adhesive and cause premature lash loss.

  • You cannot pull or vigorously rub your eyelash extensions.

  • Do not use water proof mascara

  • Do not use prescription or over the counter eye-drops

  • Do not use oil-based products around the eyes. This includes makeup, makeup remover, moisturises, essential oils etc.

  • Do not use tinting or perming of eyelash extensions.

  • Do not use an eyelash curler on eyelash extensions.

  • Do not put your eyes close to heaters, fires or cook tops as lashes can get singed.