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Our Lash Extension Types

Lash Types.

At Capital Lashes we do things differently!

At our beautiful salon we look after you, listen to you and educate you! 


When becoming a client of our salon we teach you all you need and want you to know about lash extensions, how they work, how they will be styled to suit your desired look, how we will maintain your natural lash health and strength and be there for you after your lash appointment for any questions or concerns.

We guarantee client satisfaction, are constantly doing more lash courses, and always bettering ourselves to better serve you!


SO... How do our appointments and prices work? 


This is also something we do differently. We tailor each individual set to you, which means photos are great to show off our skill, but not very relevant when choosing a set as many factors make the sets appear very different on different people. Our lash styles are differentiated by method of application and quantity applied ONLY

There are 5 methods of lash application

1) "Classic Lashes" which is the method of applying one lash to each individual natural lash.

2) "Russian Volume" which is the method of creating a few ultra thin lashes to each individual natural lash.

3) "Hybrid" which is a mix of the first two methods - Classic Lash then Volume Lash Fan then Classic Lash and so on.

4) "Strip Lash Look" which is a set made of all Russian Volume fans with some dramatic spikes to add texture.

5) "The Wet Look" is a type of Russian Volume that looks like Wet Russian Volume or a Glamorous set of Classics

Then there are three levels of coverage or quantity applied.

The more lashes we apply the fuller, darker and longer lasting your set will be.


We have made a light natural coverage for an elegant set which takes an hour of classic lashing to achieve or an hour and a half for a natural Russian Volume.

Then we have our medium coverage sets which we call "Luxe Classic" (1.5 hours) or Signature Russian (2.5 Hours) which are the most popular.

Lastly we have our Glam Classic (2 hours) and Glam Russian Volume (3 hour) sets! These are perfect for those that love dramatic lashes, or are needing the set to last a very long time (as the more we apply, the more you have on so they last longer), or have an event coming up!

We only offer medium coverage in the hybrids and strip lash look styles. Both of these styles require slightly longer infills due to the changing of methods or creation of spikes. So if you normally book a 60 minute classic or 60 minute Russian volume please book in for 75 min Hybrid or Strip Lash Look infills.


So when booking in online you just need to choose what method of application and what coverage you would like.

When you come into the salon for your appointment and consultation we will discuss what you would like your lashes to look like, what will suit your eye and face shape, what occasion or lifestyle you have, and also what your natural lashes can safely handle.

Once determined we will discuss lengths, curliness, overall shape, thickness, and weather you prefer them neat or textured! 

That way no matter what style you book they will suit you! 


But just in case you still want to look at photos, here are some before and afters and slideshows of the different types you can take a look at our lash here.


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