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After Care is necessary to ensure your lashes are kept healthy and prolonged as much as possible. Following these tips will provide you with beautiful lashes to last, with infills required approximately every 3 weeks, differing on personal preference and individuals lash growth. 

Get your lashes wet!

The best way to ensure your lashes are well looked after is to get them wet - specifically cleansing them! Cleansing your lashes daily is a must, this prolongs your lashes, as it cleans off all oils and dirt that erode adhesive, causing the lash to prematurely fall off.  Our lash cleanser doubles as a global award winning eye makeup remover and as the aftercare step that really makes a difference in how long they will last! our recommended lash cleanser is available in the salon! The foam needs to be pumped into your hand, then using the brush that comes with it, you apply and brush through your lashes generously before washing off with water. We recommend doing this in the shower as it is easier to wash off! Avoid steam for a few hours after your appointment, this will ensure the adhesive has time to cure to 100%, this includes hot showers. 

avoid oil based products

Oil is known to erode the adhesive used on lash extensions, causing lashes to fall off before the natural cycle should do so.  Products such as mascara, eyeliner, under eye concealers, makeup removers/face cleansers, serums, and eye creams should be avoided if they contain oils, which most do.

In salon we have the best and our most recommended and extension safe eyeliners and the global #1 award winning and patented lash growth serum.

Brush your lashes

Brushing your lashes daily will keep them in place and looking beautiful!  This will avoid lashes crossing, tangling etc. in your sleep and everyday activities. It will also help brushing out dirt and other products that may have fallen onto your lashes. Do not touch/pull on your lash extensions, as this may cause damage to your natural lashes.


It is most important not to pull them off as the natural lashes may come with them and it hurts.

Please DO NOT coat with oils such as Olive oil, coconut oil, or canola oil etc DESPITE what the internet says. Oils erode lashes not magically make them fall off in minutes. Those coating their eyes in oil have a huge risk of eye infection - the most common cause of eye infection we see in our industry.

Please instead book a "Remove the Stragglers Appointment" once they become sparse or call us for a same day removal.

Alternatively, but not as recomended, start applying mascara to them as the mascara will help gradually errode the adhesive off  over the next week or two whilst also blending the extensions into your natural lashes.


Ask your tech at the end of your fill for a recommended time.

We usually recommend 60mins every 3 weeks for most clients with Rachel and 75 mins with Maddy every 3 weeks.

Please note we usually book out 3 Weeks in advance so get in quick!

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We are constantly trying to give you our all, look after you, and provide the best and safest salon for beautiful lashes and brows!


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