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After Care

Cleaning Lash Extensions

Lash Extension After Care

Proper lash extension aftercare is easy but a must if you want those gorgeous lashes to last as long as possible. And we've got you covered with these simpler and fab tips to keep your lashes healthy and beautiful between infill appointments!

Tip 1: Cleanse Daily - You CAN get your lash wet immediately!

Cleansing your lashes daily is non-negotiable to remove any makeup, dirt or oil that may have built up throughout the day, which can cause your lashes to fall off too soon. Only use a proper lash cleanser designed for lash extensions as it prolongs the lash adhesive, balances your eye area's pH, and removes build-up without leaving any residue. Our award-winning lash cleanser also doubles as an eye makeup remover and is your secret weapon for making your lashes last longer! Simply apply the foam using the brush provided to the lashes, focusing on cleaning the roots of your lashes where buildup hides, and rinse with water. Easy-peasy!

YES, YOU CAN ACTUALLY GET LASH EXTENSIONS WET STRAIGHT AWAY - Not getting them wet for 24 hours was a pre-2015 rumour that was quickly myth busted but still spread today. We actually wet your lashes with mist at the end of every appointment as our adhesive cures through humidity and therefore helps them cure faster and last longer!

Tip 2: Avoid products on the lashes

Treat your lashes with TLC and avoid picking or pulling at your lash extensions as it can cause damage to your natural lashes and make your lash extensions fall out faster. We know it's tempting, but don't do it, girl!

Tip 2: Be Gentle, No Picking and Pulling

Treat your lashes with TLC and avoid picking or pulling at your lash extensions as it can cause damage to your natural lashes and make your lash extensions fall out faster. We know it's tempting, but don't do it, girl!

Tip 3: Brush Your Lashes

A quick daily brush keeps your lashes in place and prevents them from getting tangled or crossing over. Plus, it helps to remove any dirt and other products that may have fallen onto your lashes. Just remember to be gentle and avoid touching or pulling on your lash extensions to keep them looking fab.

Tip 4: Removal

We know you love your lashes, but whatever you do, don't pull them off! This can cause damage to your natural lashes and can hurt. Instead, book a "Remove the Stragglers Appointment" or call us for a same-day removal. And please don't coat your lashes with oils like olive, coconut, or canola oil! This can increase the risk of eye infection and make your lashes fall off in a snap. Safety first, gal!

Tip 5: Rebooking

Don't forget to book your next fill! We recommend a small to medium infill every three weeks for most clients but make sure to check with your artist for their advice as to what will be best for you. And psst, we usually book out around three weeks in advance, so don't wait to secure your spot!

Tip 6: Keep in contact with us

If you have any questions or are not sure about anything, please let us know! Text us at 0437272823.

Tip 7: Leave Us a Review

We love you, and your reviews mean the world to us! Show us some love on Facebook or Google, and we'll do a happy dance every time we receive one! And if you have any questions or feedback, just shoot us a text. We're dedicated to providing the best and safest salon experience for gorgeous lashes and brows. We got your back, babe!

Lash Lift
After Care

We want to help you maintain your stunning lash lift results, so we're here to share some easy-to-follow aftercare steps.

Step 1:

Avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 24 hours after your lash lift. This will allow the lift to set correctly and help it last longer.

Step 2:

Be gentle when washing your face. Use a mild, oil-free cleanser and avoid rubbing or pulling on your lashes. This can damage the lift and cause fallout.

Step 3:


Brush your lashes daily using a clean lash brush. Start at the base and gently comb through to the tips. This will keep them lifted and separated, giving you a beautiful, fluttery look.

Step 4:

Wait at least 48 hours before applying mascara. When you start wearing mascara again, choose a water-based formula that's easy to remove. Avoid waterproof or oil-based mascaras, as these can weaken the lift.


Step 5:​

Wait at least 72 hours before applying any eyelash growth serum.

Step 6:

Be mindful of how you sleep. Try to sleep on your back or with your head elevated to avoid putting pressure on your lashes. You can also use a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce friction and prevent tangling.


By following these simple steps, you can enjoy your stunning lash lift for up to six weeks. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help you look and feel your best!

Brow Lamination
After Care

We want your gorgeous brow lamination to last. Here are our easy-to-follow aftercare steps.

Step 1:

Please do not use oil-based or strong makeup removers other than Elleebana makeup removers for the first 48 hours after a brow lamination and tint, as they may strip the tint colour or damage the brow lamination's direction.

Step 2:

Avoid touching, stroking, or playing with brow hairs. Please try to leave them alone as much as possible.

Step 3:

Avoid wetting brow hairs within the first 48 hours.

Step 4:

Do not sleep on your face or side where your brows are rubbing against the pillow, encouraging the brows in a new direction. If you wear an eye mask to sleep, avoid using this for at least 48 hours post-treatment.

Step 5:​

Avoid using retinol, AHA's, Vitamin A, BHA's, steroid creams or skin thinning treatments after the service for at least 48 hours.

Step 6:​

Avoid exfoliation of the skin throughout the brow hairs or around the brow area for 48 hours.

Step 7:​

Avoiding hot steam from showers, saunas, dishwashers, or even heat from ovens is essential. Reducing this exposure is recommended wherever possible.

Step 8:​

Styling and nourishing products are recommended and required to re-obtain the position of the hairs after a brow lamination. Elleeplex aftercare doubles as both a nourishing product and a styling product.

Step 9:

After wetting the brow hairs (after 48 hours), brushing them gently back into place is necessary.

Brow Henna
After Care

Here is our simple aftercare advice for post brow Henna appointments to make sure the colour lasts as long as possible. 

Step 1:

Avoid wetting the brows for 24 hours after your appointment.

Step 2:

Do not use strong eye-makeup removers for 48 hours as they may strip the colour Elleebana Make-up remover is a suitable make-up remover to use after the first 24 hours. Please note that oil-based make-up remover can cause the henna stain to fade faster.

Step 3: ​

Do not rub, pull or pick at the area treated.

Step 4:​

Do not allow shampoo or conditioner on to the brows for the first 24 hours and avoid for the duration of the wear if possible.


Step 5:

Avoid heat treatments/facials that involve steaming for 24 hours.

Step 6:

 Avoid sunbathing for 24 hours, as this can cause the henna to fade or lighten.​

Step 7:

​Avoid swimming/saunas for at least 24 hours after your treatment.

Step 8:​

After the initial first 24 hours choosing to protect the brows with a protective balm or barrier cream.

(Anything with non-active ingredients) will help with the henna longevity.

Step 9:

Exposure to the sun/UV lights for long periods can cause the henna stain to fade quicker.


Step 10:

If any irritation occurs, apply a clean cold wet pad to the eye area or contact a doctor.

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