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Terms Of Service

You MUST read this information before Booking.
This information is very important and will help ensure your appointment runs smoothly.

Terms Of Service

Capital Lashes Terms of Service

When booking an appointment at Capital Lashes Canberra, you agree to have eyelash extensions applied to your natural eyelashes and removed or retouched to the Capital Lashes Canberra Terms of Service.

Lash Styles: I understand that every person has different shaped eyes, could have more or less than average natural lashes, different textured lashes, different lash lengths, and different lash curls, and therefore, each set of lashes is fully customised to my individual lash needs based on their condition and my chosen lash technician will make the correct judgment and not overweigh my natural lashes if they cannot handle it. I understand that it is completely normal to lose lashes every day, as every lash is at a different stage in its lash cycle; this means that each set of lashes will vary in thickness at each infill and not always be consistent.

If you are worried about your natural lash health or have any questions, please get in touch with the salon before booking or book a consult first for more complex questions/problems or help to choose the right set for your lashes.


Pre-Appointment Care: Please ensure you have taken your contact lenses (if getting a lash service) out if you have any - this is essential for eye safety. You do not have coffee, as this can cause lashes to flutter.

Dirty Lashes Policy: Every lash appointment comes with a lash bath; however, a lash bath is designed to remove oils from the skin, dead skin, dirt etc., NOT makeup/falsie glue/thick coats of mascara. Cleaning this off will affect the time we have left to perform your service.

Infilling Lash Extension Appointments: You must understand that infill appointments will be necessary every 2-4 weeks to maintain your Eyelash Extensions. Everyone sheds lashes at different rates; however, it is on average between 3-5 natural lashes per day. Therefore, we do not enforce charging a complete set if you have had an accident and lost more lashes than usual. However, we only do infills up to an absolute maximum of exactly five weeks (be careful of this if you reschedule an appointment past the 5-week mark).


Removal: It is essential to understand that the self-removal method or having another practitioner or professional – even a doctor – remove your extensions may result in excessive lash breakage and temporary damage. You understand that coating lashes in oil or pulling them off is not a safe and effective way to remove the lash extensions. If you require a lash removal, you can book one online. Please note: it is obvious to experienced lash artists when lashes have been pulled out.

After Care: You understand your responsibility to look after and maintain your lash/brow services properly. 

Please view our aftercare guide (see website menu) for your service before booking.​


Infilling Other Salons' Work: Due to insurance and quality control reasons, we are unable to infill other salons' work; however, we offer free removals with any of our full sets booked together. 


Late Policy: There is no fee for being late. However, you MUST message us saying you will be running late and give us an estimated arrival time. If you are late, we will not run late into someone else’s appointment. Your appointment will be cut short, and our standard fees will still apply. Please avoid arriving early. If your appointment is at 10 am, please come at 10 am.


Rescheduling: You are responsible for rescheduling and cancelling your appointments. Once booked, you can reschedule appointments, however often up to 48 hours before your appointment. This allows us a chance to find someone else to take the now-vacant spot. Although we cannot always fill the spot, it gives us a fair chance of finding someone else. You can reschedule your appointment using the booking confirmation email link.

48 HOURS NOTICE: As a small business, we hate charging cancellation fees. However, Fairwork requires 48 hours notice to change team members' shifts, so we have had to start requiring 48 hours notice to reschedule/keep the deposit as a credit. Deposits are taken in case the client doesn't attend the appointment time they have booked to help pay for the lash artist's wage. If you need to cancel within 48 hours, you may however transfer full set/lash lift/brow appointments to a friend or family member. We will try our best to accommodate you as much as possible as well. Our small business will bare the rest of the loss if you cannot attend. Deposits cannot be used for another appointment time if cancelled within 48 hours, as the deposit is used to cover the lash artist missing income for that appointment time. Gift vouchers will be void.


NO SHOW: If you do not show up to an appointment without calling and have no PROOF of a valid reason before your appointment, you will be invoiced 100% of the appointment cost. This is because you would have received an email and text reminder of your upcoming appointments (so you can't forget), and we often spend 1/2 an hour preparing for your appointments and will be left waiting for you. When no-shows occur, staff will still need to be paid, and other clients waiting for appointments will have missed out. In addition, gift vouchers will be void. Giving us a call, for whatever reason, is far better than leaving us waiting for you in excitement!

DEPOSIT REFUNDS: Deposits are strictly non-refundable under any circumstance except if the client has had an allergic reaction and can no longer attend future appointments. If you experience an allergic reaction, you must contact the salon whilst it is happening, and we will help you. A deposit is taken to ensure the client shows up to the appointment they chose to book. We do not accept change of mind as we have already paid fees on the appointment/transaction due to incurring admin, but you can reschedule (reschedule online) or have the amount sit on your account as a credit (by cancelling online). However, credits can not be used as a deposit again, only to pay the remainder of the amount owing at the in-salon checkout.

As a small business and sole trader, we rely on clients showing up to the appointments they choose to book, as filling appointments with barely any notice is tough, and more than likely cannot be filled at short notice. Additionally, when an appointment is booked in we stop other clients from being able to book that appointment for you; choosing to cancel last-minute appointments means that others cannot take that spot, and we cannot earn the income we needed to for that spot, so please be respectful and give as much notice as possible/ use the quick and easy reschedule button in our booking system before the 48hour mark so we have a chance at finding someone to replace the appointment.


Please talk to Capital Lashes if any of the following conditions apply to you BEFORE booking the appointment;

  • You have had an allergic reaction to lash extensions in the past (puffy, itchy, or red eyelids).

  • You currently have damage from a previous salon.

  • You are now on or recently used any heavy medications such as antibiotics, steroids, or heavy antidepressants.

  • You are allergic or sensitive to instruments, fumes, tapes, cleansers, eye gel pads, adhesives or removers.

  • You are severely iron deficient

  • You are on a keto or low-carb diet

  • You have a history of claustrophobia or epilepsy

  • You have a history of recurrent eye or tear duct infections

  • You have a history of dry eyes or Sjogren’s Syndrome

  • You have recently had laser eye surgery

  • You are taking Roaccutane

  • You have cuts or open wounds in your eye area

  • Recent microbladeing/ brow or eyeliner tattoos

  • A recent lash lift (within the lastsix6 weeks) if getting a lash lift

Please get in touch with the salon if you believe there is anything we should be aware of before booking your treatment.

Eyelash extensions/ Lash lifts/Tinting/ Waxing/ Laminations/ Henna may also not be suitable for everybody. You agree that if you experience anything out of the ordinary before or after your appointment, to contact the salon straight away. Capital Lashes' lash artists have the right to decline a client for any reason, including but not limited to; lash/brow/skin health problems, unrealistic expectations of the service, health restrictions, inappropriate behaviour, or if you have been deemed a high risk of cancelling/ no show to appointments or not respecting these terms of service that you have agreed to when making a booking.

To make an appointment, you must agree to these terms of service.

You will also be required to sign a digital consult form in your initial consultation agreeing to these terms.

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