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Rachel Lashing

Emergency Removals

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About Emergency Removals

The rumours are unfortunately true; lash extensions are dangerous and can be done poorly. However, this is not normal. Lash extensions, if done and cared for properly, DO NOT damage your natural lashes or your eye health. 

All lash techs have to start somewhere! Sometimes other lovely lash techs are new to the art form or do not know any better. Canberra, unfortunately, has a severe lack of incredible lash trainers to teach students how to lash safely and beautifully.

Rachel (the owner of Capital Lashes) is known in Canberra as the eye and lash health and safety specialist and can assist you with any lash extension-related issues or refer you to eye specialists. Back in the day, before her lash artist journey began, she had nine horrible experiences and launched Capital Lashes to provide Canberra with a safe place to get beautiful, high-quality, and SAFE lash extensions. Rachel has provided by far the most emergency removals in Canberra of poor lash work and has seen it all. Rachel is an internationally recognised lash educator and was 1 of 15 on the Australian Registered Lash Associations board that helped set the lash health and safety standards in 2019. Rachel has not only done over 40 lash courses, she has also done many specialising in lash health and safety, allergies, and infections. 

Capital Lashes is however a lash salon, and Rachel is NOT a medical professional. Rachel and her team cannot diagnose you or provide medical advise; however, she can provide expertise in explaining what has happened, can remove the lashes if needed (which GPs cannot as they do not have professional remover), and also any relevant industry knowledge that you can take to your GP if needed.

Lash artistry, when done properly, is the most incredible and stunning beauty service and is definitely nothing to fear. It should be a beautiful, relaxing, and comfortable experience.

Signs of a bad lash job are:

- Pain

- Discomfort

- Itchiness in the lash line

- Bloodshot eyes (sometimes this can be from opening eyes too much during an appointment)

- Lashes Glued in Clumps

- Lash Glue Showing

- Lashes feeling heavy (they should feel like nothing is there!)

- Lashes feeling stiff or thick

- Lashes drooping or twisting

- Lashes stuck to skin

- Too Long

Common Signs of an Allergic Reaction:

- Puffy Eyelids (one or both)

- Itchiness

- Red Eyelids

- Mucus Secretion

If you are having an emergency, please call 000 or visit a medical professional at a hospital, GP, or Canberra Eye Hospital in Woden. If you would like any assistance, please call Rachel on  0437 272 823, available 24/7 for advice/removals etc.


Removals are dangerous if not done correctly or should not be done immediately in many situations; make sure you go to a reputable lash artist to get them removed.

- Do NOT try removing them yourself. Even with professional adhesive remover - this can make it even harder to get off if not removed correctly.

- Do NOT use oils such as coconut, canola, olive oil etc! DO NOT do this. It is the worst advice ever and drastically increases the risk of eye infections. It will not remove them despite what the internet says (why would we have expensive professional removers if we could just get them off with a household oil?). 

Keep safe, and do your research. Book appointments in advance so you can pick your artist instead of going with whoever is available at the time.

Disclaimer: NONE OF THE ABOVE PHOTOS ARE OF OUR WORK. All photos belong to Capital Lashes and are of a few of our Canberra Clients that Rachel has assisted in emergency removing their lashes that were done else where. If you are fearing for your eye and lash health and safety please contact the salon immediately or the eye emergency department at the Canberra Hospital.

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