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How We Style Your Lash Extensions

Updated: Jun 10

Worried Lash Extensions Will Not Suit You?

Capital Lashes is a Specialist Lash Extension Salon. With training from many of the World's top Lash Extension Educators and years of experience we have many tips and tricks to ensure your chosen lash set is tailored to your eye shape, brow structure, face shape, desired look, occasion or lifestyle, and of course your natural lash health. Because of this tailoring, our lash sets will look wildly different on each client even if they chose have chosen the same look.

So how can the lash sets be tailored and how do I know what to book in for?

1. Lash Application Method

The first way we can change the style of the extensions is chosing what method of application you would like. In the lash world there ae 2 methods of applying lash extensions "Classic" and "Volume".

Classic Lash Method

The Classic method is where we apply one lash per natural lash. A classic lash is usually slightly thicker than your natural lash.

Russian Volume

The method of applying a "fan" or bunch of lashes to a natural lash.

At Capital Lashes we do not offer the super dramatic and super long lashes you may see around town as we have never had a client in over 4 years whose natural lashes can safely and sustainably support that weight. We also do not allow clients to book in for a certain number of lashes in a fan (you may see some salons offering a "3D" (3 lashes in a fan),"4D", "5D", "6D" and so on


A Hybrid set is where we use a mix of the two methods.

2. Amount of Time Booked

3. Lash Thickness

Lash Thicknesses
Lash Thicnkness - Graphic Created by Rachel Healy