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How We Style Your Lash Extensions

Are you worried Lash Extensions Will Not Suit You?

Capital Lashes is a Specialist Lash Extension Salon. With training from many of the World's top Lash Extension Educators and years of experience, we have many tips and tricks to ensure your chosen lash set is tailored to your eye shape, brow structure, face shape, desired look, occasion or lifestyle, and of course your natural lash health. Because of this tailoring, our lash sets will look wildly different for each client, even if they chose to have chosen the same look.

So how can the lash sets be tailored, and how do I know what to book in for?

Well, it is ALL personal preference! It is our job to make sure that whatever you book suits your eye shape and natural lash health; however, as a lash artist, there are many many things we consider when designing a set for you.

1. Your Natural Lash Health

Everyone's natural lashes are so unique and different, which means as a potential lash extension client, it is important to understand this means everyone is a different canvas for their lash artist. Natural lashes will also change over time, and for this reason, no two sets will look the exact same.


2. Lash Application Method

The first way we can change the style of the extensions is chosing what method of application you would like. In the lash world there ae 2 methods of applying lash extensions "Classic" and "Volume".

Classic Lash Method

The Classic method is where we apply one lash per natural lash. A classic lash is usually slightly thicker than your natural lash.

Russian Volume

The method of applying a "fan" or bunch of lashes to a natural lash.

At Capital Lashes we do not offer the super dramatic and super long lashes you may see around town as we have never had a client in over 4 years whose natural lashes can safely and sustainably support that weight. We also do not allow clients to book in for a certain number of lashes in a fan (you may see some salons offering a "3D" (3 lashes in a fan),"4D", "5D", "6D" and so on


A Hybrid set is where we use a mix of the two methods. Usually one classic single lash, one Russian Volume Fan, and one Classic single lash, one Russian Volume Fan, and so on. This creates a stunning textured set that gives fuller coverage than a classic set, but not a much as a full Russian Volume set. It is usually used as a transition set for when client's start with a classic lash set and then want to try some fans without committing to a whole Russian Volume set.


3. Amount of Time Booked = Coverage

The more time you book, the more single classic lashes or the more fans we can apply and the fuller the lashes will be. The more lashes you get applied will make them look fuller/better for longer as when they start thinning; you will still have more on as you started with more on to begin with.


3. Lash Thickness

An image showing some of the different lash thicknesses available
Lash Thickness

*Classic lash thickness options image created by Capital Lashes Academy®

Depending on your natural lashes and what lash weights they can support we can use different thicknesses of lashes to achieve different lash looks.


4. Lash Length

An image showing some of the different lash lengths available
Lash Length

* Lash length image created by Capital Lashes Academy®

In the lash industry there are many different salons that specialise in different types of lashes, some specialise in long glam lashes, however, that is just not us, we specialise in lash health and safety. Industry lash health safety standards regarding length only allow for 2-3mm's longer than a clients natural lash length. This creates some restrictions for our styling goals when we are still trying to create you a safe set, however, by having a safe length it means you can continue to get lashes forever, and not need a "lash break" from damage or get permanent balding spots from having your lashes overweighed. It also means the lashes will grow out beautifully and not start twisting and flopping and potentially scratching your corneas or traumatising the hair follicle. This being said, at our salon we rather use a curlier curl to give the illusion of longer lashes rather than just adding more length.


5. Lash Curl

It is no secret everyone's eyes are different. Different curls suit different people, but also different curls will look different of different people. Some clients natural lashes will grow downwards, some upwards or straight out, and some will have a mix of lashes growing in different directions across the eye. This is why it is so so important to have a specialist in lashes help you design your set and tailor it to you!

An image showing some of the different lash curls available
Lash Curls

* Lash curl image created by Capital Lashes Academy®


6. Lash Texture

When doing advanced lash artistry at capital lashes, you also have a choice in texture! Differences in texture are one of the main reasons the "same" sets will look so different!

For example, here are three Russian Volume lash sets with completely different textures created. There are an infinite methods of creating different textures with the lash lines, but there are three main methods.

The first (left) is what I call clean and authentic Russian Volume. This means that the set is very neat with the lash set forming a beautiful neat curve at the tips of the lash extensions.

The second/middle set is what I call textured as since 2019 has been taking over as the more preferred and more natural style of extensions. The set is not neat and has variations as you would see in your natural lashes.

The third/last look is what we call a strip lash look. To accomplish this look Rachel was trained by the Canadian Internationally award winning lash tech Melanie Temple from Glitz Lash who invented and popularised the style. The style uses "spikes" to create extreme texture and is designed to mimic the on trend spikey strip lashes or falsies we see all over social media and at lash stores. It is an artistic specialty set and must be booked in using the booking option "strip lash look".


7. Lash Shape

Lash extensions can be applied in different ways to create different lash shapes. For example doll eye is designed with longer lashes in the centre of the eye, cat eye shape is designed with longer lashes on the outer corner like winged eyeliner, and natural shape is our most people where we design the lashes to suit your actual eye shape. Styling the lashes with different shapes can ensure your lash set suits you and your desired look and can also be used to give the illusions of a more personally desirable eye shape. For example, cat eye shape elongates the eye, whilst doll eye gives the illusion of a more open and larger eye, natural shape makes the eye look less droopy and more "happy".

An image showing some of the different lash shapes available such as doll eye, natural eye, and cat eye.
Lash Shapes Options


So when booking in online you are only really choosing 2 styling options:

1. Choose the Application Method ( (Classic - one lash per individual natural lash, or Russian Volume 3 or more lashes shaped into a fan, or hybrids).

2. The density light coverage or full coverage (Natural vs Luxe Classic, or Natural Volume vs Glamorous Volume).

The rest (length, curl, shape, texture) is determined in the salon at the beginning of your lash appointment with help of your artist. We will measure up your eyes and assess your natural lashes, discuss your desired look, and choose a style to suit you best.

If you have any questions or special requests, don't hesitate to ask! Feel free to also text us photos of your desired styles and we can recommend which option to book and provide any advice about the set.

Love & Lashes,

The CL Team xx

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