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Wedding Eyelash Extensions Canberra

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion, filled with joy, love, and memorable moments. As a bride-to-be, you want to look and feel your absolute best, and one way to achieve that is by considering lash extensions. These little wonders can transform your eyes, making them appear more captivating and ensuring you look radiant throughout the entire celebration and also means if you shed a tear (or a million) or are dancing the night away, your lashes won't wear off or smudge everywhere. In this blog post, we'll provide valuable advice for brides-to-be seeking lash extensions for their wedding day.

Wedding Eyelash Extensions Canberra
Wedding Eyelash Extensions Canberra

When to book the full set: Usually our books open online two months in advance, however, feel free to call our salon to book even further in advance and we may be able to help you secure a spot further into the future.

You can book whenever you would like, however, ideally we like wedding clients to book in around 2-3 weeks before their wedding for their full set. This is because it gives us a chance to trial your lashes and if by any chance you have the ultra rare allergic reaction (even if its not your first time - they can happen at any stage) its not right before the wedding.

Booking before the wedding:

If you would like to book in for some Wedding Eyelash Extensions in Canberra, then we recommend booking an infill as close to the wedding as possible (preferably within 72 hours of the wedding to ensure they are looking their best. At the infill appointment we can work out if there is anything you want to tweak style wise to ensure they are absolutely perfect for you special day.

Wedding Eyelash Extensions Canberra
Wedding Eyelash Extensions Canberra

Which lash style to choose:

Which set you choose is totally up to you, although we do like to remind you that you may want yours lashes to still stand out with a face of make up and in your photographs. Remember that all sets are styled to YOU, so not matter which style you choose, they will be the right length, curl, shape, and texture that you desire.

Congratulations on you big day approaching, we can't wait to be a small part of making it special!

Article featuring two of our beautiful brides Sally and Steph on their special days, who are clients of Capital Lashes since 2017/2018.

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