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Safe, Styled & Stunning Eyelash Extensions in Canberra.

Capital Lashes Team
Rachel Healy Owner of Capital Lashes

Our Philosophy

Welcome to Capital Lashes, a multi-award-winning Canberra eyelash extensions salon where our philosophy revolves around delivering lash extensions that are safe, styled, and stunning. Our unwavering commitment to the health and sustainability of your natural lashes sets us apart from other salons in our city. We believe that lash extensions should enhance your beauty without compromising the integrity of your lashes over time. Our salon owner, Rachel, is not only an industry leader but also played a role in setting Australia's lash health and safety standards as part of ARLA in 2019. Today, she shares her expertise as an international educator, empowering lash artists worldwide to provide safe and sustainable lash artistry. With us, you can rest assured that your lashes are in the hands of a team dedicated to your long-term lash health.

At Capital Lashes, we understand that every client is unique, and their lash extensions should reflect their individuality. Therefore, our approach is fully customisable, ensuring that each set is tailored to suit your specific needs. We take pride in offering the most extensive range of lash extension options, allowing us to unleash our creativity and deliver a style that perfectly complements your natural lash health, eye shape, brow structure, and desired look. Our goal is to ensure you always leave our salon looking and feeling stunning with lashes that truly enhance your natural beauty. Discover the difference that a personalised lash experience can make at Capital Lashes, where safe, styled, and stunning lash extensions are our passion.

Our Team.

Welcome to Capital Lashes, where we believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident. Our team of experienced lash and brow artists is dedicated to helping you enhance your natural beauty and achieve the look you desire. We know how frustrating it can be to have a lousy lash experience, so we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, safe, and healthy beauty services. Each of our team members has had their fair share of lash mishaps on their own lashes before becoming lash artists themselves, which is why they are so motivated and take pride in their work to ensure that their work is safe, styled and stunning. We stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and trends in the industry to provide you with the best possible experience. Rachel hosts weekly team training and takes the team interstate for lash conferences each year to be trained by international top lash educators. Our team is passionate about their work and is dedicated to providing you with personalised and customised looks that make you feel beautiful and confident. Come meet our talented team and experience the ultimate lash and brow transformation!

Rachel Healy


Salon Owner, Educator

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Lash Extension and Brow Intermediate Stylist

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Jess Capital Lashes


Lash Ext, Lift and Brow
Senior Stylist and Manager

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Lash Lift and Brow Senior Stylist

Lash Extension Junior Stylist

Canberra Eyelash Extensions


Lash Ext, Lift and Brow Stylist

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Senior Brow and Lash Stylist

Some of Our Real Reviews.

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Rachel and her wonderful team at Capital Lashes are truly leaders in the lash industry. The gorgeous salon is located in the heart of Kingston and provides a beautiful, ambient environment for your appointments.
The whole team are trained the same way, so I have no issue seeing any member of the team, knowing I will receive the same quality lash set from them as I would from the salon owner Rachel.
With the Canberra lash market flooded with images of thick, oversized, ridiculous looking lashes, and chemically burned eyeballs, Capital Lashes really stands apart from the crowd by providing natural looking lashes with a focus on sustainability and lash health.
I've never had a bad set from Capital Lashes and am complimented on how natural and beautiful my sets always look. Between sets, my lashes remain healthy and thick because the techs at Capital Lashes never overdo my set beyond what my natural lashes can manage.
If you haven't already, you'd be silly to continue missing out on the best lash experience in Canberra. You get what you pay for and it's absolutely worth it.

Blog Posts.

Our Services

At Capital Lashes, our incredible senior stylists offer many stunning lash and brow services.

Please note that each service will differ for everyone, but we hope the images below help differentiate the services and inspire you. 

Every lash extension service will be tailored to your natural lash health, eye shape, brow structure, and desired look. We will choose the most complimentary lash length, curl, shape (natural, cat-eye, doll-eye, etc.), and texture (neat or textured) with each set. The sets are differentiated by the application method and length of time for us to provide the service, but they are fully customisable. 

Rachel Healy and Alex Lovett
Classic Lashes Canberra

Classic Full Set

1 Extension Applied Per Natural Lash giving a stunning smudge and clump-free mascara effect.

Russian Volume Lashes Canberra

Natural Russian Volume Set

A small bunch of thin extensions applied to 60% of natural lashes creating a slightly fuller lash line.

Volume Lash Extensions Canberra

Strip Lash Set

Similar to Wispy Set, this set is darker and features prominent spikes like strip lashes.

Brow Shaping Waxing Tinting

Brow Shaping and Tinting

Brow Shaping includes Waxing, Tweezing, and Cutting the Brow hairs to suit you.

Wet Look Lash Extension Set

Wet Look Set

A bunch of thin lashes applied like a classic set to add a darkness and texture.

Russian Volume Lashes Canberra

Glamorous Russian Volume set

A medium bunch of thin extensions applied to 100% of natural lashes for glamour.

Anime Lash Extensions Canberra

Anime Set

An Anime style set featuring dramatic thin spikes. Can be natural or glamorous.

Brow Henna Canberra

Brow Henna

With a wide variety of elegant colours we tint the brow hairs and leave a soft shadow on the skin. 

Hybrid Lashes Canberra

Hybrid Mixed Set

A Mix of the Classic and Volume Application Techniques. Its the half way between set.

Wipsy Lash Extensions Canberra

Wispy Set

Similar to Russian Volume featuring soft wispy pieces for an elegant texture.

Lash Lift Canberra

Lash lifting beautifully curls your own lashes upwards for 6-10 weeks.

Brow Lamination Canberra

Brow Laminations give you a fuller, textured, brow style that lasts weeks.

Permanent Sale

Free Removals*

*Are you wanting to become a part of the Capital Lashes family but already have lashes on? Due to quality control measures (and insurance requirements) we do not infill other salon's work, however, we are happy to remove your previous set free of charge when you book in any full set of extensions with us at the same time. Simply head to our booking system and select BOTH "Lash Removal with a full set" AND the full set of your choosing when booking in.


Our Community.

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